Ecoliteracy Braid

Andrea Bregg wrote her love letter from Mother Nature’s perspective, which is something I never thought about which is extremely significant. By her talking as if she was Mother Nature, makes the ideas more intense. She also brings up the concerns with pollution and composting, which I also learned is important when talking about sustainability. When she wrote, “what you do may not be much, but it is something,” (paragraph 4) relates to my love letter when I talk about the fact that you can only do so much as an individual but it’s all worth it.

Karin Rustad’s love letter/poem connected to mine, because as she wrote in every line “You inspire me to try.” When I was writing mine, I was also inspired because I research the topic more and find ways I can do something, even if it is something little. When reading Karin’s love letter/poem it differs from mine when she states, “You inspire me to care for and nurture the land,” her main points were on reduce, reuse and recycle. (Line 3) She was taught to appreciate the environment, by learning about these new ways. There is a lot of new ways and new approaches we need to do to make the future better.

My approach on our ecoliteracy love letter/poem took a different turn then most of my classmates. My main focus was on animal rights because that is what is important to my family and I. The quote from the article Sustainable Living, Ecological Literacy, and the Breath of Life by Fritjof Capra saying “When we walk out into nature, living systems are what we see,” brought me to the idea that ecoliteracy can have many different concepts. (Page 11) A living system can be an animal, people around you or even yourself. The idea of nature is not just one thing, or one person trying to solve ecological problems. By connecting my love letter to Andrea Bregg and Karin Rustad’s, it all comes down to the same idea that we have been taught how too or we acknowledge it and now we need to try. By braiding all of our differences in each of our love letters/poems, allows us to learn from each other and helps us realize that there is still so much to learn that needs to be done and we need to pull ideas from each other to do this.


Ecoliteracy Love-Letter

Dear Kaitlyn,


I am writing this letter to you because I am very proud of how you impact the environment. Your strong opinion on animals in captivity reflected on me and made me aware of this issue. You made me have an appreciation for animal rights. I now research this issue and I agree it is not fair. An animal is not a human but it still has feelings and can feel pain, which we need to acknowledge. I want to thank you for protesting and for raising this awareness to others around you. I know where you live in Regina, there is not much of an impact you can make on this issue as of today, but I’m glad you are trying. I know your main reasoning behind all of this is because of orcas in captivity but any animal in the zoo you would have the same opinion on. I have always wondered, if you got the opportunity to go to sea world, would you go?  I know you wouldn’t go for the enjoyment, but would you be able to protest in front of hundreds of people?



Brooklyn Mantai

What The Environment Means To Me

I remember when I use to go to Fort McMurray just for the view. The beautiful trees all around the road and the bright blue sky. I would go to Fort McMurray to visit my family. It was a place we would all meet up and go on hikes and enjoy the wild life. The image of walking through the forest still remains with me, this is where I believe I felt the most connected with the environment. One day I got a phone call from my grandmother saying my uncle was coming to live with them for a while. My uncle is a fire fighter out in Fort McMurray, I was very proud of what he tried to accomplish during the natural disaster that occurred. He had told me that before the forest fire started, Fort McMurray’s weather was very hot and dry, which was one of the main causes the fire was unstoppable for days. After seeing all the images of houses burring down and pictures all over social media it made me realize that the environment can change in the blink of an eye. People had to evacuate because the smoke was too harmful to breathe in. The community of Fort McMurray is going to take a lifetime to get back to normal. The one thing that I keep thinking about is what happened to Fort McMurray’s wild life and will it ever be the same.


-Brooklyn Mantai