What The Environment Means To Me

I remember when I use to go to Fort McMurray just for the view. The beautiful trees all around the road and the bright blue sky. I would go to Fort McMurray to visit my family. It was a place we would all meet up and go on hikes and enjoy the wild life. The image of walking through the forest still remains with me, this is where I believe I felt the most connected with the environment. One day I got a phone call from my grandmother saying my uncle was coming to live with them for a while. My uncle is a fire fighter out in Fort McMurray, I was very proud of what he tried to accomplish during the natural disaster that occurred. He had told me that before the forest fire started, Fort McMurray’s weather was very hot and dry, which was one of the main causes the fire was unstoppable for days. After seeing all the images of houses burring down and pictures all over social media it made me realize that the environment can change in the blink of an eye. People had to evacuate because the smoke was too harmful to breathe in. The community of Fort McMurray is going to take a lifetime to get back to normal. The one thing that I keep thinking about is what happened to Fort McMurray’s wild life and will it ever be the same.


-Brooklyn Mantai



3 thoughts on “What The Environment Means To Me

  1. First off I want to say thank you for sharing this story. I also want to say how awesome your picture illustrates what you are trying to say about the environment. At the end of you post, I agree with what you are questioning about if the wildlife is going to be the same. Or perphas if the view you remember, will be the same. I hope that if you visit Fort McMurray in the near future, you may capture new experiences involving the environment.


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