Ecoliteracy Love-Letter

Dear Kaitlyn,


I am writing this letter to you because I am very proud of how you impact the environment. Your strong opinion on animals in captivity reflected on me and made me aware of this issue. You made me have an appreciation for animal rights. I now research this issue and I agree it is not fair. An animal is not a human but it still has feelings and can feel pain, which we need to acknowledge. I want to thank you for protesting and for raising this awareness to others around you. I know where you live in Regina, there is not much of an impact you can make on this issue as of today, but I’m glad you are trying. I know your main reasoning behind all of this is because of orcas in captivity but any animal in the zoo you would have the same opinion on. I have always wondered, if you got the opportunity to go to sea world, would you go?  I know you wouldn’t go for the enjoyment, but would you be able to protest in front of hundreds of people?



Brooklyn Mantai


One thought on “Ecoliteracy Love-Letter

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