Treaty Education

I believe that the wilderness is all around us. The view of wilderness is changing every generation and is becoming worse is some areas, areas like the city. Since there are people living in these areas now, the land needs to meet people’s needs. The land needs to have businesses, shops, vehicles for people to get around and a refinery, which leads to destruction of the land. When First Nations came to be, they used the land for resources. I believe we need to learn from them to figure out how we can positively impact the land.

As one of the Elders were saying at Treaty Ed camp was that we are oblivious to the First Nations culture. He mentioned a lot about respect. The example he told us was when he went to a High School to do a presentation about First Nation culture, there were boys that were not paying attention to anything he was saying. As soon as he acknowledged the fact that they were not paying attention he called them out and told them to stay or leave. The students decided to stay and actually paid attention, this shows ignorance when it comes to students learning about First Nations.

As states in the Canoe Pedagogy and Colonial History: Exploring Contested Spaces of Outdoor Environmental Education reading, students have to challenge themselves with new experiences and understandings. We need to have an open mind when it comes to Treaty Walks and learning about our history. My Treaty Walk started at Treaty Ed camp and is going to continue every day from then on. Its time we start to acknowledge our ignorance, learn more about the wilderness and also respect our elders.img_7805


2 thoughts on “Treaty Education

  1. Good use of the resources provided on wilderness(Treaty Ed. and Canoe Pedagogy). Your absolutely right about needing to open our minds and acknowledge our ignorance to First Nations culture and out idea of wilderness. Your post could have used more questioning to get the reader thinking. “What does wilderness mean to you? And how would you use a nature walk as a way as a way of reconciliation?” You may want to include references at the end of your post.


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