I decided to focus this blog post on Morgan’s grade 1 class. The concept of the class we attended was extremely meaningful. I was shocked to see how each child used the land as resources and respected the land. I did not expect a grade 1 student to understand as much as they did. They might not understand the full concept, but they at least have a start when it comes to Treaty Education.

When it comes to the mandalas the students only used abiotic parts of the park to create their mandalas. “We experience nature mostly as sight, sounds, smell, touch, and tastes – as a medley of sensation that play upon us in complex ways. But we do not organize education the way we sense the world” (pg. 95, The Problem of Disciplines and the Discipline of Problems). This quote from The Problem of Disciplines and the Discipline of Problems connects to Morgan’s class because she is challenging that idea. She is bringing up the concept of interdisciplinary by connecting her students to the land and to their emotions.

I decided to create my own mandala from what I learned from my opportunity in Morgan’s class. First I wanted to create it by thinking about the environment. The environment is starting to play a key role in my life just from taking this class and by listening to other people’s viewpoints. I made my mandala about things I thought were important. I wanted to add words but I realized a picture could represent a 1000 words. Doing this mandala made me think about my family back home and how much I miss them. It also made me think about peace and positive aspects in our environment. I once again want to thank Morgan and her class for introducing this new idea to me.

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