Post #6

In my daily life I do not think about the world and others around me that much. I do not think about how much energy I am consuming, how much emission I am contributing into the air or I do not think about people living in poverty. I focus on my own life more then I should. In Traveling with a World of Complexity: Critical Pedagogy of Place and My Decolonizing Encounters by Yi Chien Jade Ho, it states, “Toxic chemicals are being dumped into rivers that many people depend on for daily use” (2). This statement brought me back to all the commercials I see of children living in unprivileged countries, which barely have water or rely on dirty water. It is sad to think that our world has come to this and that we use water without even thinking about it while there are people who do not receive any. I am wondering if everyone was better for the environment if this would not be an issue?

A few years ago, I went to Mexico and got to volunteer at a school with unprivileged children. We got the opportunity to help clean up around their school. We picked up garbage and washed a wall that was important to the school. Even though some of the children did not speak our language we still could communicate with them through actions. It is sad to see the environment these students are learning in comparing to what my learning environment was. They had no playground, only a basketball net that was falling apart. These students do not have much, but they always have smiles on their faces. I also volunteered at a school located in Regina that does not have clean running water. Students could not drink out of the taps at the school. The learning environment of these schools could have been impacted from the environment. If I were in some of these situations, personally it would be hard for me to learn in a dirty surrounding. Reflecting back to my Action Learning project, I believe that little things do matter and that if everyone does something little, maybe we could live in a better world and decrease the poverty rates.

I know we are not supposed to add a picture for our post but I wanted to show how simple it is to impact a learning environment for students. This was an easy job for us and it made the students extremely happy. Little things do matter. This image was taken outside in a little hut they had around their school yard.



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