Lecture Questions

Week 1: How can we over-come the typical stereo-types that teachers are associated with?

Week 2: Why would people send their children off to residential schools knowing how strict and how terrible they were? Was there no other option?

Week 3: Do peoples values differ based on the different school systems they attend?

Week 4: How do you know what educational approach is appropriate to follow?

Week 5: What would be the best theory to follow, transfer, shaping, travelling or growing theory?

Week 6: From learning to walk together, would it be possible to represent different perspectives in a diverse classroom?

Week 7: When creating a blog, how do you know if the information is important enough to share with students or their parents?

Week 8: The survey we did said that it is a myth that students with disabilities do not distract students in a normal classroom. How?

Week 9:In diverse schools, would it be possible to acknowledge language awareness among each student?

Week 10: Would gay or lesbian teachers be treated differently in the school system?

Week 11: Is technology going to take over the teaching world?

Week 12: What assessment is more important, formative assessment or summative assessment? Could you focus on one assessment more than the other and still be successful with your students?

Week 13: How can I engage a student who has no motivation?


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