Part C: Teacher as Reflective Practitioner

From being in this classroom it has taught me a lot about being a future educator. I got to research a topic that related to me which was standardized testing. I was not surprised to see some of the research I did because I believed that standardized testing needs to be changed. I am a hands on learner, therefore being in the field has taught me the most in this class. From being placed at Sacred Heart Community School has taught me a lot. A few things it taught me was how to tell if you have lice or bed bugs. Lice and bed bugs were a frequent occurrence in the classroom. Some days we knew about it and others we did not. Despite the fact of the bugs, working with the students was a life changing opportunity because it opened my eyes to a new surrounding. As we learned throughout the class, there are many forms of diversity. I now have volunteered at two very diverse schools, one being Sacred Heart and another being Scott Collegiate. At both of these placements I was hands on with the students. I was extremely lucky to have been placed in the classroom at Scared Heart that I was. The teacher allowed my partner and I to work with students in groups, one-on-one and we even got to read to the whole class. From being in this school it helped me step out of my comfort zone. Usually in this environment, I am quiet and awkward. At first I struggled with determining which student would need help. After the first few weeks I overcame my awkwardness by not worrying so much about doing something wrong. I had to be outgoing and friendly to allow the students to trust me. I realized that students always need help and enjoyed having attention. After building relationships with these students, it was easier for me to be more comfortable in the situation. I had to be professional around these students and always come with a positive attitude and dressed appropriately, as we learned in class. At Scared Heart, the majority of the students were of First Nation descent. These students represented a wide range of knowledge and understanding. Some of the students struggled more then others and some needed more assistance. I got the opportunity to work with one of the students who was believed to need the most help in the classroom. This student had a learning difference, but the teacher in the classroom had told me that ever since day one they have not been able to figure out what was the difference was. This student had a mind of his own; when I was working with him he kept talking to me about irreverent things like ghosts and asking me if I believed in them. This student not only disrupted his own learning, but also affected other students in the classroom. This was really challenging for me to help him one-on-one with his work while he was concerned about a different topic. From being placed in this situation I wanted to create a goal for myself. I want to learn more about how to work with students who have learning differences or disabilities. To accomplish this goal, I have been looking into places I can volunteer at with children who have disabilities and looking into classes I can take at the University. In my personal opinion, I believe that for me to become a good teacher, I need to be able to accommodate the needs of every student I have in my classroom.

Another issue happened with this student that made the teacher have to send him to the quite room. I have never heard of a quiet room for students and I believe that it is something I need to learn more about. My journey throughout this class and my field placement has shifted. Before this class, I wanted to be put in a school that was white privileged and wanted to work with younger students. I have never been to a community school until this placement. I was surprised to see the school providing lunch and breakfast for these students on my first day. But after being in the school for 8 weeks, I learned that I love being in that environment. I loved working with students who see the world differently then me. These students value so much in their life. As the teacher told us that if the last thing she can do for these students at the end of the day is to give them a hug and tell them she loves them, then she will do so. Therefore she can motivate the students to come back the next day with smiles on their faces. I believe that there are a lot of hidden aspects behind some of these students’ lives that I never would have thought of. As we learned about in class lectures was that it is difficult for students to come to school who live in poverty. I believe a lot of these students live in poverty because many of these students do not even have proper jackets or shoes. It is heartbreaking to think about some of the situations these students might be in, but in the future if I got to work at a community school, I would be very blessed. The teacher in the classroom has showed us many ways to approach these students and make learning fun for them. I will definitely remember this volunteer experience while continuing on with my education journey.


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