Meta Reflection

I wanted to start my Meta reflection by doing something I do not normal do in my everyday life.

I wanted to end my time outside today by sitting in a circle, listening to the wind and thinking about myself. I realized there are a lot of things in my life that connect. Things that I realized that I am are, I am a Canadian citizen, I am a Treaty Person, I am a women and I have rights and freedoms. For me to say I am a Treaty Person was not easy. It took me awhile throughout this class to realize that I am a Treaty Person and now I am proud to be able to say that.

This video represents all the things I loved to do outside as a child. I loved to go on the trampoline, make snow angels and even go on walks. I have realized that my life has shifted a lot. I don’t go outside as much as I should. Going outside today on one of the coldest days was actually really fun. I challenged myself to do something I wouldn’t normally do. As stated in the Canoe Pedagogy and Colonial History reading by Newbery was that students have to challenge themselves with new experiences and understandings. I believe that this has to start with the teacher.

Since I want to be a future teacher, I have to be a role model to students. To be a role model in environment education, I have to be able to recognize my mistakes and my achievements. At the beginning of this course, I did not feel comfortable talking about myself in my blog posts. In my first blog post I talked about my uncle, relating it to the forest fires in Fort McMurray. I stated, “I was very proud of what he tried to accomplish during the natural disaster that occurred. At the time, I did not see myself as being a part of the environment. I couldn’t think of anything that I have done that effected the environment positively. As I said at the beginning, I never go outside anymore and my excuse is I am too busy. After our Skype call with Colin Harris, I realized that being to busy to go outside is not an excuse. Before our action learning projects I did not see a point in recycling, carpooling, taking the bus, eating organic food or reusing waste. I did not believe that me as a single person would impact the environment. I kept questioning myself, asking myself how could one person impact the environment. Even if I tried as hard as I could, this world still consists of many more people. But from looking back on the video we watched called the Flight of the hummingbird, it gave me hope. Doop Doop De Um motivated me because even though things may be impossible, she said, “I am doing what I can.” I want to be a teacher that students look up to, therefore if I show them I am doing what I can. I believe they will start too.

From watching The Lorax, it made me think of Doop Doop De Um. Doop Doop De Um is trying to better the environment for the animals. In the movie the Lorax, the boy Ted is trying to better his community. He said that nothing will change “unless we do something about it,” in his situation he needs the entire community to work together to bring back the trees. One hidden aspect that differs from the book and the movie was that Ted only wanted to do this to impress a girl. I have realized in my life that there are things I do because I want to impress someone or get a good mark in school. From not having marks in this class it helped me over-come that theory. When Ted realized how important it was to have trees, he decided to focus more on the community. From watching this movie, I realized that environment education does not happen based on a mark or based on impressing someone. To better the environment I need to do it for myself. If I believe I can do something, even if it is something little, then I will feel good about what I have done.

In the reading, The Scandinavian Philosophy of Outdoor Life, Gelter states, “One other important reason for being in nature is to explore its resources.” I wanted to end off this class by exploring my outdoors background. I have been to many places, like Mexico, Seattle, Las Vegas and Phoenix. One thing I loved to do was take photo’s of everything outside because it was all new to me. In most of the pictures I had taken outdoors, I did not include myself. It was actually difficult to find pictures of me being outside. After taking this class I decided that that is going to change. One day I want to travel and see what the environment holds and be able to find myself in the world. As the song states, “Waiting on the world to change.” I believe it is time we stop waiting.


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