Tyler’s Ideology

Throughout my schooling in Alberta, I was faced with similar experiences as the Tyler rational. The teachers had to aim for certain goals in the curriculum that us as students had to meet. We had to meet these goals in preparation for our diploma exams. A diploma exam is a standardized test that is made by the government that all students in Alberta had to write at the same time and same day. These tests were not modified based on students needs. Students with learning differences needed to adjust to the tests, which was something that I experienced. We were taught to the test.

When learning about Tyler’s Efficiency Ideology many limitations were presented. Tyler’s theory is expecting a lot from students. He believes that students should all be changed the same way and nothing should be modified. I believe that it is impossible for students to learn one way and teachers to teach in one direction. Another reason was that no schools are the exact same. Some school systems are extremely diverse and take a different approach to curriculum.

From reading the article a few benefits to Tyler’s Ideology was that it is very repetitive. It is easy for students to go back to previous lessons to help them in the future. By repeating the outlines of the curriculum, it is easier for the teachers to adapt to the outcomes overtime and be prepared each year.


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