Educational Quote

“What matters today… is not how much students know, but what they can do with what they know”

-Tony Wagner

This quote represents the fact that we need students to pursue what they learn. They need to be able to enforce the concepts they learn in school. Many life skills are developed through education, therefore students need to acknowledge that. This quote also is limited because of standardized testing. For a test, students need to show what they learn. They need to memorize all the concepts and be able to repeat it on an exam. I do not believe that grades should be based on what students know, therefore I believe students need to show what they know.

Teachers need to be aware of their surroundings and be knowledgeable about what they teach. They need to teach students to understand concepts in many different ways. Many students have different learning styles, therefore teachers need to be more broad with the way they present material. This will allow students to have a deeper understanding and will help them find the true meaning of the content. They need to do something with the knowledge they are receiving from being in school.

Personal this quote means that education is key. It is important to reenforce the knowledge that you get in school. I believe that students should not prove what they know on  tests but show what they know and represent it in their everyday lives.


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