Curriculum as Place

In the reading “Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk Ways of Knowing” by Jean-Paul Restoule, he represents the concept of place. He expresses many points about rein habitation and decolonization. One of the activities he talks about is a 10-day river trip. On this 10-day river trip, a variety of ages of people from youth to elders go out and explore the land. They explain their personal relationships and connections to the land and the water. Another point that Restoules made was that, “connecting to nature is important to children’s intellectual, emotional, social, physical and spiritual development (pg.70). Through this point he made make me think about things I could do with the word place.

In my future teaching career I believe that place is extremely important concept. It is important to recognize the past and the future of the curriculum as place. One idea that Restoule helped me understand was students need to connect with the environment and learn from the environment. In my future classrooms I want my students to understand the environment by their experiences. I would want them to go outside and live in the environment and teach through nature. By doing this I would let students share experiences about what the environment means to them and allow elaboration on their ideas that may lead into class discussions.


The Development of the Curriculum

Before the reading I thought that the curriculum is developed from the government. I think the government has a huge say in what students should and will be learning about. It is important for students in the same district to be enforced with the same curriculum.

After the reading I learned that curriculum is developed from many different organizations. These include, the teacher, the community and the elected officials. These higher organizations determine how the curriculum should be written. I believe it is based around their philosophies and world views. One thing that I never thought of was the students point of view. I believe that students should have an influence on the curriculum because they are being presented with it. The curriculum has to adjust to the new generations of students.