In my school experience, citizenship was represented to people who wanted to stand out. In high school, there were school groups you could join if you wanted to impact the school. We selected a “president” that was able to talk to the principle and plan school activities. This person was voted for by their peers to be become the “president.” This process starts with a personal form of citizenship. You had to be brave enough to make speeches to the school and be prepared for coming up with activities. This role also went on to a participatory citizenship role because you got to impact the school. Every person who ran for this role was always “the good student”. That is the only form of citizenship I remember in my school.

I believe the curriculum should teach students about citizenship. It is extremely important in the society we live in. Students should be feel knowledgeable about this topic because if effects the whole country and allows students to make a difference. I also believe that every student should have an opportunity in his or her education to have a role and to represent citizenship.


One thought on “Citizenship

  1. I totally forgot about SRC and how we would have to elect people for the ‘council’. I also agree with you on how the people that always ran for the council were considered the ‘good students’, funny how thats similar across provinces and across different schools!


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