A Single Story

Throughout my school experience, I never thought about a single story. I believed that everything we encountered in school was important due to society. Reflection back to high school, I remember learning about our history, the history of white Canadians. We did not learn about other countries or learn about how people have different values. We mainly focused on learning about the government and where we sat on the political spectrum. Our singe story was based around middle class white citizens. White privilege dominated in my school system, therefore that is what we learned about. We learned how we should vote and learned about the world wars that maybe our ancestors participated in.

Since my knowledge in school revolved around white knowledge, I only looked at the world through my personal lens. I did not see racism as an issue or knew about white privileges. Every day I saw the world, as how I wanted to see it and what revolved around me. Being in university has challenged my thoughts. We are learning about colonization, discrimination, stereotypes and racism. These concepts that we learn about resolve around varies perspectives and cultures. It allows me to look into the world deeper and find a greater understanding. It is important for me as a future teacher to be challenged by these concepts in university. It is essential to learn about different cultures and to know about reality. I am going to be faced with various abilities and backgrounds everyday in the future, therefore I believe that I need to challenge the bias’s I hold and accept knew understandings.


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