Week 1

Reflecting back to the pledge I made, I have realized I still have a lot to concur. This week I took the time to write out everything I have to do to attempt to reduce my carbon footprint. The first thing I need to do to meet my goals is to acknowledge why my carbon footprint is so bad and ways I can do to change it. Here are a few ways I am going to attempt to reduce my carbon footprint:


  1. Carpool: Since I live out of the city, carpooling is not as easy for me as I wish. In my household I have 3 other people who commute back and forth to the University. I am going to sit down with each person and find days that we can all carpool or days that they can carpool to help reduce the carbon emissions we put into the air.
  2. Plastic Bag Use: Every food item that I pack for my lunch/supper, I put in a plastic bag. These plastic bags I use do not get recycled or reused as I throw them out every time. To reduce or to stop using plastic bags I am going to start by using containers.
  3. Water Supply: I use a lot of water when it comes to showering and brushing my teeth. Ways I can reduce this is to take shorter showers and to shut off the tap while brushing my teeth.
  4. Electricity: I believe that reducing the amount of electricity used in my home will be an easy goal to meet but is also one to easily forget. Ways I am going to reduce the electricity used in my home is to make sure all the lights are shut off when not needed, TVs are not left on, and things are not plugged in when they do not need to be.


When I first made my pledge I only considered the impact of reducing my carbon footprint in a European lens. In our European lens, reducing my carbon footprint means to help global warming but in the Indigenous worldview it means much more. I believe to be an active citizen I need to explore more about the importance of the land through an Indigenous lens. I know that the land is sacred to the Indigenous people but I want to learn more about why that is and why they hold strong values to the land. It is impossible to change things that have happened in the past, but I wonder if we as European people valued the land the same if we would still be facing the environmental issues we face today.


Active Citizenship Pledge

I pledge to attempt to significantly reduce my carbon footprint and to become a role model in my home, school, work and community. My goal is not just to reduce my personal carbon footprint, but impact others around me to do the same. To reduce my carbon foot print, I am going to attempt to limit the water supply I use ever day, reduce the amount of energy I use at home, carpool or walk when possibly and implement organic foods into my diet. To engage citizens in my community and workplace to reduce their carbon footprint, I am going to promote reducing, reusing and recycling in these environments. In my home and school life, I will be representing the importance of doing little things people may forget, such as turning lights off, recycling, carpooling and to try to limit the amount of water you use. To prove I am trying to make a difference, I will calculate the amount of water, electricity, carbon emissions, and how much I reduce, reuse and recycle a week. In my community I will try to monitor the people around me and see if they can make a difference as well. I chose to do this pledge because I am realizing how many people do not care about their carbon footprint. I do not know how easy it will be for me to reduce my carbon footprint, let alone try to get other people to but it is definitely a challenge I want to face.




Outcome- RW8.2: Assess the implications of personal consumer choices