Week 2

This week has been a step up from the last regarding my pledge. I have started to accomplish some of the goals I have made in the previous weeks. First thing I did was I carpooled three times this week. Three times does not seem like a lot, but it is better than not carpooling at all. I was able to get a ride with a family member to school and carpooled to our trip to the Museum with Carly, Erin and Maytlind. For the next few field trips coming up in this class, I have already planned out ways to carpool with my classmates. I have not done extremely well at this but I am slowly starting to remember to pack my food in containers instead of plastic bags.


Another thing I noticed this week that reflects on the pledge I made from day one was that my workplace has been incorporating recycling. A few of my staff members and myself have been trying to find a way to reuse our containers we put candy in. A lot of the people I work with get very frustrated with having to throw recyclable containers out that we can also reuse, therefore we created a bin to put the containers in instead of throwing them out. This bin had just been created this weekend, so hopefully we can keep using it for a while. We go through approximately 20 little containers a night, so being able to reuse them will definitely make a difference.