What Kind of Citizenship?

My pledge has mostly been around Personally Responsible Citizenship because I have been trying to adjust the things I do in my everyday life to reduce my carbon footprint. This pledge has not been easy for me because I have been extremely busy and I have been noticing that when I am busy, I do not think about my pledge at all. I need to find ways that I can still accomplish my pledge, no matter how busy I am.

I am kind of putting my foot in the Participatory Citizenship because I am trying to get my family and workplace involved in my pledge, which is definitely easier said then done. Every time I go to my workplace, I notice that things are falling a part a bit when it comes to being eco-friendly. Last week, I was going through the juice/milk jugs that people would throw in the garbage and would recycle them.

To make my pledge Justice Oriented Citizenship I would have to get my entire community involved. People would have to know the importance of being eco-friendly and would have to be more knowledgeable about global warming. I believe a good start in getting my pledge to be Justice Oriented would be to have an elder talk about how First Nations people use to live off the land and why we can not do that anymore.


Continuing Pledge…

In my previous post regarding my pledge, a lot of things have changed. Last time I commented on how my workplace was starting to reuse our candy containers. As I only work once a week, I went in and slowly started to notice a change. The container that was made for recycling first had lost its purpose label, which makes me believe the original one was taken down. This week I went into work and we did not have this recycling container at all. I believe some of our staff keep trying to reinforce having this recycle container while others believe it is useless and take it down. I am trying to find a way that I can have this recycling container be permanent when I am only at work once a week. Any suggestions?

Another thing regarding my pledge, I believe I am not meeting my expectations I had at the beginning. As homework is starting to pick up, I have not been paying much attention to my pledge. I believe that I need to get back into thinking about my carbon footprint and have to work at the little things until they become a habit. My goal this week is to reconnect myself to my pledge. I was also interested in figuring out a First Nations perspective regarding reducing carbon footprints, which is anther thing I am going to try to work at this week.