Group Lead Conversation

In my group lead conversation I brought up an article based on if First Nations people should be involved in decision-making regarding the environment. Since my pledge shifted a bit in the last few weeks, I wanted to base my conversation on respect to the land through First Nations peoples perspectives. The conversation I had with my peers was very interesting and I believe it is worth sharing in this week’s blog post. We first started talking about whether or not we personally believe that the First Nations people should be included in these decisions. We instantly all agreed that it would be very beneficial to society because the First Nations people have a different view on the environment and to make our environment more eco-friendly, I believe we need a variety of different perspectives. Another thing we talked about which kind of went off topic was schools in Regina. I volunteered at a school in Regina, which was majority First Nations children, and in this school they did not have clean running water. We went into a discussion about how there are schools in our community that have everything and some that have nothing. We weren’t really sure why there is a huge cap in funding towards schooling. The next discussion we had regarding this article was if we should go towards having self-government. This was a touchy topic because we all had different opinions about this at the start. Some of us believed that it may be good and some of our opinions differed. At the end of discussing the pros and cons of having self-government, we collectively decided that it would not be good for Canada because it may lead to more conflict. As the 20 minutes flew by we did not come up with a logical answer to this question. At the end of the conversation I believed that First Nations people should definitely be included in the decision-making regarding the environment. We might not be able to fix everything that has happened but I believe small changes can be made to eliminate environmental issues.