McLean Elementary School

I am completing my internship in a wonderful grade 3-4 class at McLean Elementary School in McLean, Saskatchewan. We have 21 amazing, smiling and bright students in our classroom. Every student brings their own uniqueness to the classroom.

The first week of school consisted of preparation and staff meetings to set goals for the school. Our school is focusing on reading, writing and physical literacy. As a school community we are motivating the students to be respectful to one another, be responsible, be kind and honest. We start our mornings by acknowledging that we are on Treaty 4 territory. One thing that my co-operating teacher has been trying to get our class to do is to practice mindfulness. Every morning in the classroom, we have been spending five minutes to practice mindfulness. Some students have been feeling uncomfortable or not having strong connections with mindfulness yet but that is something that we are going to continue working on throughout the semester.

During the first week of school for the students, I introduced two activities. These activities were called I wish my teacher knew and an about me poster. It helped me learn about my students on an academic level and also on a personal level. I also started teaching math this week. The students were learning about patterns and creating them with a variety of manipulative.

During the second week of school for the students we attended the Treaty 4 Gathering. This was a great opportunity for the students to take their knowledge that they have been learning about in Social Studies and apply it to the land that we are all on today, which is known as Treaty 4.