Creativity Documentations

The children were interested in circles so we learned how to paint with straws!
The children created their own ice cream cones and chose what flavour they were!


For my learning project this week I started to find websites that I could use to learn sign language. Tip one: Sign language is not the same in every country. After finding a few reliable Canadian sign language websites, I became to start learning how to sign the alphabet. To learn the alphabet, I followed a video called ASL alphabet/ABC song. I really enjoyed this resource because it not only taught me how to sign the alphabet but it is also a resource that I am going to add to my teacher resources. I believe this song would work perfectly in a PreK-3 classroom because it teaches you what the letter looks like, how to sign it and words that start with that letter. As a young preschool teacher, I believe my children would love this.

This coming week my goal for my learning project is to try and memorize the alphabet in sign language and to learn how to sign basic words.



This week I have decided to make a Feedly account. I haven’t had any experience using feedly before, therefore I have been learning a lot this week with this new source. So far I have learned that on feedly you can follow other “feeds”, kind of like twitter how you can follow other accounts. I currently follow 4 feedly accounts that post information about education. One account that I have been following quite frequently this week has been Edutopia. Majority of the posts on feedly from Edutopia have been posted through youtube videos. Since I am a visual learner, I learn best by watching and listening therefore this website has been extremely helpful to me. One of the videos that I have recently watched is called Creating a Positive Learning Environment. This video taught me that the way your classroom is set up and the different materials you have in your classroom can effect your students learning. Overall, I am still learning how feedly works. If anyone has any suggestions on feeds to follow please comment on this post! Here is an image of my feedly account so far and the feeds I currently follow.

Body & Animals

Developmental AreasMaterialsMethods
Hand and Foot Painting   Winter Hat Craft   Hand Print Mittens 
  Paint and paper   
Pom-poms, glue, hat   
Paint, paper 
  The children are going to paint with their hands and their feet. This will show the children the size of their hands and their feet side by side.  
The children will be designing their own winter hats. They will color their hat and glue pom-poms on it when complete. 
The children will have cut out traced mittens. They will choose a color of paint and put their hand print in the mitten to go along with their hat.  

Parts of our Face     Body Awareness   Animal Hats
  Face sheets    
 Sheet of paper   Paper, googol eyes 
  This will be an activity that children will do independently. There will be different parts of the face on the table and the children can decorate the face by adding eyes, nose, ears, mouth and hat.  The child’s body will be traced on a piece of paper. After the children can visually look at their body size on the paper.  The children will choose their favorite animal and create their own animal hats. When the hats are made, the children will be able to wear them and imagine themselves as that animal.  
 Physical (Fine & Gross Motor) 

Move Your Body    Face Creation   Nail Painting   Animal Hop Scotch
    Gross motor dice    Different shapes to create a face, glue, paper  Paint, Paint brush   Animal feet   The children will have two dice. One dice will have parts of the body on it and the other dice will have actions. The children will roll both dice and complete the following action that the dice shows them.  Children will be given a variety of shapes to create a face. The children will glue the shapes on the face and see what they can create.  The children will be given a trace out of a hand with nails. They are going to paint the nails on the hand as if they were painting their own nails.  There will be different animal feet taped onto the floor. The children will be jumping back and forth on the different animal feet. 
All of Me Song   Books about the Body    Animal Sounds
  No materials    Children literacy books about body     Images of animals   The children will learn the song All of Me. This song will allow the children to sing and move their bodies.  During circle time the children are going to listen and view books about the body. The children will be able to connect with the book by matching their parts to what the book represents.  The children will be shown a variety of different animals. They are going to tell me what they think the animal is and what sound it makes. The children will also listen to different sounds on our amazon dot and guess what animal they think it is. 
Heads and Tails      Fish letters       Sticker Sort 
  Brown Bear, Brown Bear heads and tails puzzle pieces    Paper      Colored stickers, color paper  The children have been interested in our Brown Bear, Brown Bear book. This activity will have different animals from the book and will be cut in half. The children have to match the animal’s heads with their bodies.  The children are going to be given a fish with a letter on it. The children are going to color the fish and then we are going to glue the fish on a piece of paper. The children will see their fish on the wall and will be able to say the letter and color that goes with the fish they created.  The children will be given colored stickers. They will peel the sticker off and put it on the matching color of paper on the wall.  
Art/Sensory x3 
Pool Noodle Boats   Float or Sink    Fish Tank    Slime Water 
  Pool noodles, straws, paper   Different classroom items     Water beads, fish creatures     Slime, water creatures  The children will be building their own boat out of pool noodles. We will then float our boats in a water sensory bin.  We are going to have a bucket of water. We are going to find things around the classroom and vote if we think they are going to float or sink. We will then test out our hypothesis.  We are going to fill our sensory bin with water beads and add toy fish. The children will get to play in the bins with the beads and we will call it our classroom fish tank.  The children will be able to play in slime with water creatures mixed in. 

Sky & Environment

Social Development: 

Story TimeBooks about things in the skyDuring circle time have children sit and listen to stories. During the read aloud, children will be asked to connect their personal experiences to the book.
Good Morning to You!No materials. Start by getting children in the routine of a good morning song. During circle time in the morning we will sing a good morning song and see what children are here today. 
Letter of the DayPaper and crayons. Each day we will focus on a letter in the alphabet. Children will learn what the letter sounds like and what words go with that letter. 
RainbowDifferent colors of slimeChildren will work with their friends to create a rainbow out of the slime.

Emotional Development

Umbrella Art ActivityPaper plates, paint and pipe cleaners.Children will create umbrellas and learn that we use umbrellas when it is raining. Children will paint the tops of their umbrellas and glue the pipe cleaner on the bottom.
Daily Schedule
Daily schedule with activities we do during the day. Children will learn and take turns to create our daily schedule. This will allow children to visually see what we are doing each day and when we are going to do it.
Number of the DayPaper and Crayons.Every other day we will focus on a number. Children will learn to say that number and be able to see what the number looks like. 
Weather MusicNo materials Listen to music regarding different weather sounds. Have the children imagine what the sound is.

Physical Development

Exploring RainSensory bin, water, and plastic cups with holes in the bottom.Children will get to play with the cups in the water. Children will get to see the water flow through the bottom of the cups to make rain.
Building AirplanesPopsicle Sticks, crayons, glue  Children are going to color popsicle sticks and build an airplane. Children are going to glue the sticks together to imagine their own airplane. 
Creating Bird’s NestsPlay dough ingredients (salt, flour, oil, water, food coloring), circles for eggs Children will get to play with the play dough and create bird’s nests. When children are creating their bird’s nests, they will be able to add eggs to the nest. 

Language Development

Weather ChildrenPaper plate, spinner, weather types Children are going to observe the weather outside. Every morning children are going to look outside and together we are going to determine if it is sunny, raining, cloudy or snowing. 
Parts of the BirdImage of a birdDuring circle time I will present the children with an image of a bird. Children will come and show me what each part of the bird is called (beak, wings, eyes, head, legs). 
What is in the Sky Sheet of paper Children will be asked what they see in the sky. We will record children’s answers on a piece of paper and post it on our wall.

Cognitive Development

Letters & Numbers in the Sky Sensory bin, alphabet letters, numbers, paper rain drops, spoons and pom-poms.Have the children mix all the materials up in the sensory bin. This activity allows the children to create their own weather patterns and imagine what it would be like. Children can scoop out letters 
 Stir up the Storm Pom-poms, rainbows, pot and snowflakes. Place all the materials on the table with paper sheets that show the children how many of each material should go into the pot. Children will add the materials to the pot and count out-loud how many they are adding. 
Bird Seed Tray Bird seeds and tray Children will be presented with a tray of bird seeds. Children will trace letters in the seeds. I will present the children with images of each letter of the alphabet. 



My Educational Technology Experiences

Welcome to my first education technology online journey! I would first like to start by introducing myself. I am a fourth year education student, two classes away from my degree. As I am wrapping up my degree in education, I believe there is still so much to learn. I am extremely excited to see where this course takes me with my skills in technology. As of today, I am someone who is on technology at all times. Whether I am checking my twitter account or my facebook account. I like to follow along on my twitter to see what is happening in the education world. With twitter I am able to follow the schools I have been at and watch the students that I have taught continue to grow. On my twitter I also enjoy posting things that I taught during my pre-internship and my internship. If you would like to learn more about my twitter you can follow me @Brooklyn.Mantai. 

As you can see on my wordpress, I have blogged quite a bit during my education. I have been trying to blog about things that I have been doing in schools and about who I am. I believe that I still have lots to learn about blogging and posting things on social media. I am hoping this class will help me keep up with my online education portfolio.

Learning Sign Language!

For my learning project I am excited to tell you that I will be learning sign language through technology! I have chosen to learn sign language for many reasons, my main reason being to be able to communicate with people who are non-verbal. I am extremely passionate about learning new skills. My plan for the next few weeks is going to be to learn sign language through a variety of different websites, social media accounts and hopefully through youtube videos.

As I am currently an Early Educator, I want to be able to take my project a little further by introducing sign language to my young preschool classroom! I am going to do this by teaching my children different ways to sign letters as we are learning the alphabet and simple words. I am hoping to be able to find images online to hang up in my classroom. Keep up with my blog posts to learn how my experience goes!