Learning Sign Language!

For my learning project I am excited to tell you that I will be learning sign language through technology! I have chosen to learn sign language for many reasons, my main reason being to be able to communicate with people who are non-verbal. I am extremely passionate about learning new skills. My plan for the next few weeks is going to be to learn sign language through a variety of different websites, social media accounts and hopefully through youtube videos.

As I am currently an Early Educator, I want to be able to take my project a little further by introducing sign language to my young preschool classroom! I am going to do this by teaching my children different ways to sign letters as we are learning the alphabet and simple words. I am hoping to be able to find images online to hang up in my classroom. Keep up with my blog posts to learn how my experience goes!


3 thoughts on “Learning Sign Language!

  1. Hi Brooklyn! Sign language is a really great choice for a learning project, as it is such a useful skill to have! I myself have always wanted to learn sign language but never have had the chance to do so! I think that it will be such a great experience for you and I am excited to follow along on your journey! If you check out the link that Katia provides in the weekly plans to past student’s work I know that some of them also chose to do sign language as their learning project. Maybe you can gain some inspiration and ideas from checking out their blogs? Best of luck!


  2. This is so exciting! Like Lauren said, she has always wanted to learn sign language and as do I. I think this form of communication is important, relevant and will help create a more inclusive classroom. I look forward to learning more about your journey and seeing your progress over the course of the semester. I hope you are able to find some great resources to share, I would love to know what technology you use/are learning from. Good luck!

    – Miss.S


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