Sky & Environment

Social Development: 

Story TimeBooks about things in the skyDuring circle time have children sit and listen to stories. During the read aloud, children will be asked to connect their personal experiences to the book.
Good Morning to You!No materials. Start by getting children in the routine of a good morning song. During circle time in the morning we will sing a good morning song and see what children are here today. 
Letter of the DayPaper and crayons. Each day we will focus on a letter in the alphabet. Children will learn what the letter sounds like and what words go with that letter. 
RainbowDifferent colors of slimeChildren will work with their friends to create a rainbow out of the slime.

Emotional Development

Umbrella Art ActivityPaper plates, paint and pipe cleaners.Children will create umbrellas and learn that we use umbrellas when it is raining. Children will paint the tops of their umbrellas and glue the pipe cleaner on the bottom.
Daily Schedule
Daily schedule with activities we do during the day. Children will learn and take turns to create our daily schedule. This will allow children to visually see what we are doing each day and when we are going to do it.
Number of the DayPaper and Crayons.Every other day we will focus on a number. Children will learn to say that number and be able to see what the number looks like. 
Weather MusicNo materials Listen to music regarding different weather sounds. Have the children imagine what the sound is.

Physical Development

Exploring RainSensory bin, water, and plastic cups with holes in the bottom.Children will get to play with the cups in the water. Children will get to see the water flow through the bottom of the cups to make rain.
Building AirplanesPopsicle Sticks, crayons, glue  Children are going to color popsicle sticks and build an airplane. Children are going to glue the sticks together to imagine their own airplane. 
Creating Bird’s NestsPlay dough ingredients (salt, flour, oil, water, food coloring), circles for eggs Children will get to play with the play dough and create bird’s nests. When children are creating their bird’s nests, they will be able to add eggs to the nest. 

Language Development

Weather ChildrenPaper plate, spinner, weather types Children are going to observe the weather outside. Every morning children are going to look outside and together we are going to determine if it is sunny, raining, cloudy or snowing. 
Parts of the BirdImage of a birdDuring circle time I will present the children with an image of a bird. Children will come and show me what each part of the bird is called (beak, wings, eyes, head, legs). 
What is in the Sky Sheet of paper Children will be asked what they see in the sky. We will record children’s answers on a piece of paper and post it on our wall.

Cognitive Development

Letters & Numbers in the Sky Sensory bin, alphabet letters, numbers, paper rain drops, spoons and pom-poms.Have the children mix all the materials up in the sensory bin. This activity allows the children to create their own weather patterns and imagine what it would be like. Children can scoop out letters 
 Stir up the Storm Pom-poms, rainbows, pot and snowflakes. Place all the materials on the table with paper sheets that show the children how many of each material should go into the pot. Children will add the materials to the pot and count out-loud how many they are adding. 
Bird Seed Tray Bird seeds and tray Children will be presented with a tray of bird seeds. Children will trace letters in the seeds. I will present the children with images of each letter of the alphabet. 




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