This week I have decided to make a Feedly account. I haven’t had any experience using feedly before, therefore I have been learning a lot this week with this new source. So far I have learned that on feedly you can follow other “feeds”, kind of like twitter how you can follow other accounts. I currently follow 4 feedly accounts that post information about education. One account that I have been following quite frequently this week has been Edutopia. Majority of the posts on feedly from Edutopia have been posted through youtube videos. Since I am a visual learner, I learn best by watching and listening therefore this website has been extremely helpful to me. One of the videos that I have recently watched is called Creating a Positive Learning Environment. This video taught me that the way your classroom is set up and the different materials you have in your classroom can effect your students learning. Overall, I am still learning how feedly works. If anyone has any suggestions on feeds to follow please comment on this post! Here is an image of my feedly account so far and the feeds I currently follow.


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