For my learning project this week I started to find websites that I could use to learn sign language. Tip one: Sign language is not the same in every country. After finding a few reliable Canadian sign language websites, I became to start learning how to sign the alphabet. To learn the alphabet, I followed a video called ASL alphabet/ABC song. I really enjoyed this resource because it not only taught me how to sign the alphabet but it is also a resource that I am going to add to my teacher resources. I believe this song would work perfectly in a PreK-3 classroom because it teaches you what the letter looks like, how to sign it and words that start with that letter. As a young preschool teacher, I believe my children would love this.

This coming week my goal for my learning project is to try and memorize the alphabet in sign language and to learn how to sign basic words.


2 thoughts on “ABC

  1. That is great that you were able to find a resource that can help you beyond your learning project! Once you learn some sign language I agree that it would be awesome to bring it into the classroom and teach your students sometime! I know that ASL and Sign Language are not the same thing but I only found that out because of my ELNG class i took last semester! It’s great that you noticed that there is a difference because that will help you when looking for resources to help you with your learning! I can’t wait to see how your alphabet comes along! Keep up the great work!


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