Sask Ed Chat

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” – Helen Keller

This week I participated in my first online twitter chat. The chat that I chose to participate in was Sask Ed Chat. I chose this chat because I have had previous classes with Kelly Christopherson (leader of the chat) and he always suggested that we follow along. During my experience on this chat, I first noticed how crazy it was. I would not have been able to follow along and learn as much as I did without using tweetdeck. Tweetdeck allowed me to have 3 different twitter sites going at once. This is what my screen looked like during the twitter chat. I was able to view the main chat, other comments and my comments at the same time.

After I learned how to work the chat, I was able to contribute my knowledge towards the questions that were being asked. This was a pretty good experience because I was able to communicate with others online. I had other teachers commenting and adding suggestions on my posts and I was able to reply to other teachers comments as well. Since collaboration with other teachers is extremely important in this profession, using twitter chats allows you to communicate through technology.


3 thoughts on “Sask Ed Chat

  1. Brooklyn,
    I am happy that you got to experience your first Twitter chat alongside you EDTC 300 classmates! I agree that Tweet Deck is one amazing tool for sure! It really keeps one organized when they are trying to keep up with the constant tweeting that goes on in these chats! I was very nervous when I started to engage in twitter chats but that nervousness quickly faded away once I gained some experience and got a chance to see all the opportunities for collaboration they offered! I hope you continue to join into these chats! Maybe we will end up chatting together in one someday! Happy Tweeting! 🙂

    Your Mentor,
    Lauren Sauser


  2. I did the SaskED chat too this week, and like you found it to be totally crazy! Thank God for Tweetdeck. I also like you, loved the collaboration and interaction i got to have with other teachers. Online collaboration with people I’ve never met, and probably never will meet in person is new to me and was a bit odd at first. I felt self conscious posting my answers, and having people I’ve never met analize them. Everyone proved to be very supportive and positive though. I honestly felt a bit star struck when Kelly followed me after the chat and liked some of my tweets. I’m defiantly a fan of being able to connect like this and intend to use it frequently in the future.


  3. Collaboration is key to success in my opinion. I also love that twitter chats allow for this. I agree with you that TweetDeck is extremely helpful… it definitely saved me a lot of confusion once I figured out how to use it!


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