Successful Site!

This week I have found an awesome website to help me with my learning journey. This website is called Sign Language 101. On this website, they provide a variety of videos to help you learn sign language. This was also a good website because it starts with the basics and eventually builds on to more difficult concepts. The first lesson I watched was on gestures and body language. In this video it went over basic sight words in sign language expressing body language. A few of these words were hello, goodbye, hair, face, feelings and etc. I enjoyed watching this video because it not only taught me how to sign words but helped me with my current job. Since I am working in a First Years Learning Center with Young Pre-Schools, a lot of my children still haven’t grasped the meaning of basic gesture words and parts of the body. I starting using sight language in my classroom to help my children understand what we are doing.


  1. When it is time for lunch, I will have my children come sit at the table. To do this I will sign eat to my children to show them that it is time for snack or lunch.
  2. When my children are eating snack I will always ask them if it is good. In sign language I started to ask them by rubbing my stomach. Most of my children will do it back to me and say it is good.
  3. When we are reading books about people, I will follow through the book asking my children to find specific body parts (hair, nose, eye, mouth). As I learned this week, to sign these body parts you just point to them or touch them on your body.

Last week one of my goals was to memorize the alphabet in sign language. Although I do not think I can sign the entire alphabet through memorization yet, I learned how to sign my name. Here is a video of my name in sign language!

Next Week I am going to be learning about colors!


3 thoughts on “Successful Site!

  1. Hey Brooklyn! It’s awesome to see a video of you signing already! It looks really awesome and I think you have a great start on your project! I have never heard of the website you mentioned, but it sounds like it is a great resource! Just to clarify, are you learning signed English or ASL (American Sign Language)? I have seen a lot of resources out there for for ASL but not so many on signed English so I was interested to see which you were working on and I could potentially share some links to different videos I have seen before! Great work so far! Keep it up!
    -Your Mentor, Lauren


  2. I love that you are able to use your learning project skills in the classroom already. I also think it is great that you were honest about your progress toward your goal from last week. Great job with your name!


  3. This is such an awesome site! I made sure to bookmark it so that I can use it in the future. I think that you learning sign language will be very beneficial to your future teaching career 🙂


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