Technology 2019

This week in EDTC we had a very interesting conversation on technology. We discussed the importance of technology and how our world in being shaped by it. One video that I watched was An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube. The information that was presented in this video blew me away. One concept that was discussed was about how quickly a video can travel around the world. I always knew that people share videos and the popular videos have an extreme amount of views but I never thought of the fact that it can travel to various parts of the world. With other places around the world watching and reproducing these videos, they are integrating their own culture into what is being presented.

Reflecting back on our class lecture, this video also shows how significant technology is in our world today and also how important it was in the past. I believe that in the past technology was not as major as it is today and I think that is mainly because of the new inventions we have now. As we discussed in class, it wasn’t as easy to contact people over the phone and search for things on the internet and now it takes us a minute to find things. Since technology has now become a popular tool in our society, we as teachers are now faced with the question on how we should use it or not use it in our classrooms.

My Teaching Experience and Thoughts on Technology in the Classroom

In my future classroom I know for a fact I will use technology and incorporate it into my lesson plans no matter what grade I am teaching. During my field experiences I have had positive learning experiences with technology. Using technology in your classroom also allows you to use differentiated instructions such as using the smartboard for videos and powerpoint, iPads, and computers. Also there are so apps that can help students learn. Some of the apps that I have used with my students have been:

Through my experiences with using technology in the classroom I strongly believe it is a successful tool as long as the students are taught to use it right.

Here is an example of one of the mentis that my students did! They loved it!


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