Learning Project Wrap Up

One thing I learned through my learning project is that you cannot learn sign language in 4 months without a lot of dedication. Learning sign language is the same as learning another language. Overall I realized that trying to learn sign language turned a lot into trying to learn about myself as an Early Educator. A lot of the concepts I was learning in sign language applied to my young preschool classroom and children. I feel learning a few things in sign language strongly impacted my role as an early educator. I was able to use some of the skills I was learning in the classroom. These skills helped me communicate with non-verbal children and children that are learning english. In the classroom there will be a lot of students who are learning English as a Second Language (EAL) and I strongly believe that sign language is a great way to communicate. Even though my learning project is wrapping up, I am still going to continue to learn sign language because it is extremely important in our society due to the amount of people who are non-verbal or people who are learning English.

To officially wrap up my sign language learning project for this class, I decided to learn how to sign a few songs. I chose two songs, Baby Shark by Pinkfob and You Are My Sunshine by Moira. I decided to end my project with this because I definitely want to be able to use this in my future classroom in an Art, Drama, or Music class. Students love to dance and sing but some are very shy to dance in front of their peers. Being able to sign and follow along to a song will allow them to learn sign language and have fun doing it! I learned how to sign these songs by watching others on youtube! Being able to learn through technology is huge and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of other people in the world. (My children love Baby Shark).


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