Learning Project Wrap Up

One thing I learned through my learning project is that you cannot learn sign language in 4 months without a lot of dedication. Learning sign language is the same as learning another language. Overall I realized that trying to learn sign language turned a lot into trying to learn about myself as an Early Educator. A lot of the concepts I was learning in sign language applied to my young preschool classroom and children. I feel learning a few things in sign language strongly impacted my role as an early educator. I was able to use some of the skills I was learning in the classroom. These skills helped me communicate with non-verbal children and children that are learning english. In the classroom there will be a lot of students who are learning English as a Second Language (EAL) and I strongly believe that sign language is a great way to communicate. Even though my learning project is wrapping up, I am still going to continue to learn sign language because it is extremely important in our society due to the amount of people who are non-verbal or people who are learning English.

To officially wrap up my sign language learning project for this class, I decided to learn how to sign a few songs. I chose two songs, Baby Shark by Pinkfob and You Are My Sunshine by Moira. I decided to end my project with this because I definitely want to be able to use this in my future classroom in an Art, Drama, or Music class. Students love to dance and sing but some are very shy to dance in front of their peers. Being able to sign and follow along to a song will allow them to learn sign language and have fun doing it! I learned how to sign these songs by watching others on youtube! Being able to learn through technology is huge and I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support of other people in the world. (My children love Baby Shark).

EDTC Final: Minute To Win It

Welcome to our final reflection of EDTC 300. We decided to create a Minute To Win It game to sum up our knowledge and learnings from EDTC 300. The challenges that we created in this video were based on the main topics in the course. While creating this video, we used a variety of different resources that we learned about in the course such as iMovie, Youtube, Voice Record, Screencast, Twitter, WordPress, Menti, and Scratch. We decided to apply all of these tools into our project to represent our understandings of some of the tools we learned about in class.

Collaboration is Key!

Collaboration is key in education, whether you are collaborating with the students or with the staff in your school. One thing that I learned from this class was that collaboration with colleges does not always have to be face to face and you do not have to know everyone you collaborate with personally. One way that I learned to collaborate with other colleges and students in the teaching profession was through Twitter. Twitter was a great resource to share your thoughts and learn from others thoughts. As you see in the image below, I was able to communicate with a classmate on twitter through commenting on her post.

I also used Twitter to ask questions to other teachers and students in the profession. Being able to ask questions to other teachers is extremely beneficial in my personal teaching profession. I was able to ask challenging questions to more experienced teachers.

Another way to communicate with teachers that I recently learned was through Blogs. In this class, we created learning projects. I enjoyed being able to look at other classmates blogs to learn new things that they were learning. I was also able to help others with their learning projects by commenting on their posts.

Overall I have learned that commutation and collaboration with others is huge in the teaching profession. We are always learning and sharing knowledge with others in the profession and also our students. This class taught me how to communicate with other online which I am definitely going to keep doing during my future careers.

The Body

This week I focused on learning body parts. Before I started learning, I thought that signing body parts was simply just pointing at the part on your body which is incorrect. I am learning more and more that sign language has a lot of motion to it. I learned how to sign parts of the body through Sign Language 101. This website has been teaching me sign language every week. If you would like to learn ways to sign parts of the body, watch my video below.

I also wanted to look into the importance of children learning sign language. Since I am an early educator, I am with young children everyday. Majority of the children I work with can speak sentences but some are still learn sight words. I am trying to teach some of my children who are non verbal to sign certain things that they want or need. I started by showing these children images of what we are going to do everyday. This week I am going to try to teach my children how to sign parts of their body when we do circle time. Most of the children point to the part of the body they are speaking too, but I am going to teach them the correct way to sign it.

Hour of Code

This week we learned about coding. Before this class I have had minimal experience with coding. I attended an EYES professional development day a few weeks ago and learned about Makey Makey. Makey Makes is a device that you can connect to your computer to override your keyboard. Overriding your keyboard allowed you to create your own controls when coding. As you can see in the image below, I drew a flower on a piece of paper. The Makey Makes device allowed me to use the paper as my controls when coding.

I also viewed the Hour of Code website to learn how we can use coding in the classroom. I believe the best way to learn is by trying it out yourself. I enjoyed this website because it lets you choose your grade and subject. The activity I tried on this website was a Minecraft Hour of Code. This coding activity gives you missions to code your player through an area. For example, in the image below I had to code my player in the boat to the fish. I believe that this activity would be good to use in the school because your students have to read and comprehend what it wants your player to do. It also tells you that you can only have a certain amount of moves, therefore it makes you think about each move.

From an educator perspective I strongly believe that we should incorporate coding into the classroom. Coding is a different way for students to learn. It allows the students to learn through controls and problem solving. It also connects to different subject areas. I believe that the way that this website was set up, it makes it a fun and comfortable way for students to learn coding.

Why Teach About Technology?

Why teach about technology in school is a huge question being asked to educators in todays century. Technology is a major part of our world, and as an educator I believe that all students need to know how to use to respectfully and responsibly. Technology can be extremely harmful to students if they do not know how to use it. In our Saskatchewan Curriculum document that teachers are required to follow, it tells us that we need to teach students cyber safety. The outcome that I found this in was in Grade 4 Health, but it is in a variety of other grades as well.

The best way I believe teaching technology in the classroom is to USE IT! How are students going to learn how to use technology if they are not taught with it? I believe iPads are huge nowadays. Many children under the ages of 2 are playing on iPads that I have experienced. On iPads there are many great apps for students. A few apps that I have used in my internship were Mathletics and Raz-Kids.

Raz-Kids is an app that allows students to access a variety of books around their Fountas & Pinnell reading levels. It allows you as a teacher to assign books to the students that are appropriate for them. It also allows students to listen or read the book. This app was used in my internship through Daily 5.

Mathematics was also an iPad app that the students in my classroom used frequently. This app allows you to assign students assignments around what you are learning about in math. When the students finish their assignments, they are able to play a variety of math games on the app as well. This was used in my internship through Daily 3.

How To Sign Colors

This week I decided to create a how to video to teach my viewers how to sign colors! I created this video similar to the way I learn. I learn sign language by watching others sign therefore I thought this was the best way to teach others! One thing I noticed in some videos that I adapted in mine was that they would sign too quickly. I believe it was hard to watch a video when the instructor signs fast. In my video I used iMovie to help me slow down parts of my video to make it easier to watch. I also tried to do my video with minimal speech.